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Yixing Zhenchen Copper Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional non-ferrous tube manufacturer.

About Us

It was founded in 1984, after years of hard work, it becomes one of the leading manufacture of precise tube in China.

We are specialized in non-ferrous tube production, including brass tube, copper tube, bronze tube, copper-nickel tube and aluminum tube etc. All the manufacturing process is well controlled according to ISO9001, and reached products following ASTM,EN,BS,JIS,GB standard. Also we can achieve the special requirement from each individual customer.

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The company aims to maintain the continuous optimizing

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    Yixing Zhenchen Copper Industry Co.,Ltd. is a experienced seamless non-ferrous tube manufacturer. It serves many industry including electronics, electrics, household appliance, sanitary, automobile, etc.. The main materials include brass, copper, bronze, copper-nickel an...
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    Brass – an alloy of copper and zinc – is one of the most widely used alloys. Why is it that people prefer brass tube? The following are the reasons/benefits that brass pipe tube are so popular: 1.Excellent Malleability and workabilit...